Tips for hiking in Mols Bjerge

Hiking tips are generally the same in all mountains. The difference can only be found when the mountains are actually can be quite dangerous for the new hikers. However, if you want to enjoy the mols bjerge vandretur, there are several tips that you may want to know, so you can enjoy your trip to this national park to the fullest. We’re going to share with you some of those tips in this article.

Lack of supplies? Try to visit Ebeltoft

This old small town is quite lively despite the fact that it has been around for approximately 700 years ago. There are so many stores and restaurants that you can visit here. You may want to check out for some supplies if you lack any before you start your outdoor activities.

Bringing your bicycle is always worth it

It’s true that bringing a bicycle means an extra weight must be carried by you and your vehicle. However, due to the fact that a national park is a vast place, bringing a bicycle can help you to travel around without contaminating the fresh air in that park.