The Difference Between Windows 10 and Other Versions of Windows

As a customer, of course, we will try to get the best product. A product that looks beautiful and also pleasing to our eyes. Microsoft always tries to give their customer the best product. Microsoft has received and granted a lot of input from fans and applied it to Windows10. Including input about visual quality. As the result, you can get a beautiful and diverse color, great visual effect, creative and smart UI quality and many more. You can get ms office 2016 free download full version with product key on our website.

For Windows user, maybe some of you feel tired to click multiple times to replace many windows that are opened. Microsoft is aware of this and adds unique and helpful features in Windows 10. Like the ability to combine 4 programs at once in one desktop screen, you can move from one window to another without any problems. It makes you can do many things at one time. Do you want to write while looking at the source? You can do that, or maybe draw while looking at the sample image on Deviantart? You can also do that

Did you remember, once in Windows 8 there was a change in the start menu that made many people angry? The start menu is in full screen. This feature might very useful for tablet users but it is annoying for desktop and laptop users. Even though Windows gives an 8.1 update, there is still no option to turn off the fullscreen mode on the start menu. Finally, Microsoft realized that they had to hear their users. After passing the testing process involving their users, they got a lot of suggestions, criticisms, and input that made them know what their users need. The Start menu now does not have to be fullscreen. You can set it. You can even set the width and arrangement of the button. Not only that, there are many options for managing visual appearance, performance, and even privacy.