Improve the internal link structure and article for SEO rank

We already know that external links (backlinks) are strong ranking factors. But often we underestimate the internal link. In reality, internal links are a very influential factor because search engines read the importance of each website page from the number of internal links. Aside from that, visit to find a reliable SEO consultant service.

A website with a good structure has several main pages, in addition to the homepage. On the main pages contain content that all visitors to your website must read because the value/benefits are highest.

So every relevant supporting content connects to your main content.

If you don’t already have one, immediately create and arrange the structure.

If there is already, see how many internal links are through Screaming Frog in the previous step.

Learn how to build the structure of this website to optimize the structure of your main page.

In addition, one of the factors that make content quality is its weight.

The more weighty our articles are, the more likely they are to become popular. The reason, because the contents are complete and of course humans prefer content that is complete.

There is a correlation between the weight of the article and the length. The more weighted the article, the longer the contents.

How long?

500 words? 700? 1000?

Too little.

The answer: 2500 words.

serpIQ analyzes the relationship between positions in Google search results with the length of the article.

It turns out that the higher the ranking, the longer the article. The first rank has an average length of more than 2450 words.

This is because the complete information in the article is long so that the reader becomes more satisfied.