Know the Three Types of Anxiety That Can Attack You

Usually, many people will feel anxious, afraid and various other emotional feelings when diagnosed with a chronic disease. When this happens, then you must be able to make your mind more calm and relaxed. End of life Anxiety is something you have to do quickly when you realize that anxiety has made your mind worse.

There are several types of anxiety that you should know well.

– Neurotic Anxiety
Neurotic Anxiety is anxiety that is closely related to the self-defense mechanism, and is also caused by feelings of guilt or sin, serious emotional conflicts, frustration, and inner tensions.

– Anxiety of moral conscience or super ego
Anxiety of moral conscience or super ego, which is the fear of conscience, in the past personally violated moral norms and could be legally again, for example, afraid to commit acts that violate religious teachings.

– Realistic Anxiety
Realistic anxiety is the fear of real dangers in the outside world, for example fear of poisonous snakes or in certain diseases.