The general function of music

Music is a form of art in which there is a set of harmonious tones that are not only pleasant to listen but also can give a beautiful impression that is able to arouse and deliver a person to full and deep awareness. The music can affect a person’s mood or emotions. Those who have had a bad mood or those who are in an emotional state with music playing can help create a sense of relaxation. On the other hand, perhaps you also need to check out the piano music box, if you need a good present for a music enthusiast.


Through rhythmic stimulation of music can cause a variety of psychological reactions, such as:

Can relieve stress
Can help overcome anxiety
Improve mood (mood)
Can cause positive feelings so we can always think optimistically
Can cause a feeling of calm and comfort.
Able to foster spiritual feelings

As a medium for healing therapy

From the results of a study conducted by researchers from Brunel University and the Queen Mary University of London, about 7,000 patients found that listening to music can reduce the pain experienced by these patients. These patients tend to have satisfaction, minimize anxiety and concerns about the results of surgery by listening to music. According to Catherine Meads, the lead author of the study states that “Listening to music is safe to do, inexpensive non-invasive interventions that must be available to everyone who has surgery.”

As a medium to support body health

The function of music for health is also not inferior. Campbell once stated that the rhythms contained in a music can produce stimulants that can affect the metabolic system in the human body. The process begins when the stimulant in the music is captured by the sense of hearing which then goes through the processing of the nervous system and the brain gland which is able to reorganize the interpretations of sounds into internal auditory rhythms.

The results of a study conducted by Brunel University, West London showed that music can help increase the body’s resistance by about 15%, increase morale and energy efficiency by about 1 to 2%.