How Ayahuasca Treats Drug Addiction

Yes, can help addict of the drug heal. However, there are few things you first need to know. Addiction is different from habits that are repeated. When you are accustomed to doing something, such as bathing twice a day, you can stop it at any time according to the situation and conditions at that time, also follow personal desires both consciously and unconsciously – feeling lazy, cold, stuck in other activities, and so on.

Addiction makes you truly lose control of yourself so that it is difficult and/or unable to stop the behavior, despite all the efforts made to stop it. The loss of this control makes an addict tend to do various ways to complete his desire for jealousy, regardless of the consequences and risks. Addiction is a complicated process. Well, one thing that can cause addiction is the disruption of the production of dopamine hormone. Dopamine is a happy hormone that is released by the brain in large quantities when you find or experience something that makes you happy and satisfied, whether it’s good food, sex, winning gambling, to drugs that cause dependency effects such as alcohol and cigarettes.