Tips for packaging the easy to break items

Sending glassware is something that many people fear. Sometimes we are also not sure that the broken item has been properly wrapped or not. What’s more, the conditions for shipping goods can be very varied. There are many challenges that must be faced by companies of courier philippines to send and maintain their client packages quickly and safely. Matters such as damaged road conditions, traffic accidents, bad weather, and criminal acts can threaten the safety of packages sent by their customers. This will be even more difficult if the item is fragile.


To reduce these concerns, here we will provide tips for wrapping glassware.

Step 1: Prepare package wrapping with impact-safe materials such as cardboard, bubble wrap, stereofoam. Also prepare plaster and newsprint.

Step 2: Wrap the glassware that you will send using newsprint, then wrap it back using bubble wrap.

Step 3: Put the glassware in the box with the heaviest item on the bottom and the lightest item at the top, and make sure the cardboard is used firmly.

Step 4: Fill the remaining cardboard space using stereofoam, to prevent shocks during the shipping process.

Step 5: Seal the cardboard using adhesive tape and don’t forget to mark your cardboard by writing “FRAGILE” or “easy to break”, or using a Fragile sticker.

That’s it for the info regarding the packaging of the easy to break items such as ceramics and glass that we may share with you. Hopefully, these tips are useful when you pack glassware. And don’t forget to include the sender & recipient details as well as the receipt number in your package to expedite the shipping process.

In addition, don’t forget to also only hire the licensed, trusted, and guaranteed delivery service companies in the business. Aside from protecting your items well during the delivery process, the excellent companies will only charge you with the fair prices, as well as sending your package quickly and professionally.