Know more about the components of vaporizers

What are the parts of vape? A lot, because the vape is composed of several components and if one of the components is not there it cannot be used for vaping. The component part of the vape itself consists of 3 main parts, namely the atomizer mod, battery and has liquid. Apart from that, perhaps you should take a look at How to Turn Wax Into e Liquid as well.


The atomizer is part of the vape component used to produce vapor (steam). An atomizer is a place or container of liquid which contains coil and wick (cotton). The coil is a coil of wire that serves to heat up the liquid, while cotton is a place of absorption of liquid.

Note: This is a general description, for the cloud and flavor results it depends on the liquid you use, the wire, settings, atomizer material and the performance of your device.


Mod is the body, the main part of the vape inside the battery is obtained and the electrical circuit is used to channel the electrical current into the atomizer. Mod vape also has 2 types, namely electrical and mechanical.


The battery is an energy source which will be transmitted to the atomizer to heat the coil so that the liquid can turn into steam. Because vape is a device that requires considerable energy, so the battery that is used is not just a battery.


You already have a mod, atomizer, and battery. Without liquid use, you can’t enjoy your vape. The problem is that liquid is a special liquid made for the vape to produce steam.

There are so many types and flavors of this liquid. Some contain nicotine or not. There is also a lot of taste, like the taste of milk chocolate, strawberries, fruits, or taste like cigarettes in general. You can buy it according to taste.

Additional Tools

In the use of vape, the need for additional tools so that its use is easier. Like an external Charger, Screwdriver and Tweezers. This screwdriver and tweezers are used to make the coil.