A simple tourist guide before visiting Dubai

Courtesy and friendliness are cultures that must be practiced in Arab countries. Local residents will usually be very open with tourists. However, do not take the initiative first to shake hands with the opposite sex. Usually, especially women choose not to shake hands for religious reasons. Apart from that, perhaps you need to visit www.arabic.world/learn-arabic-online if you want to learn Arabic online quickly and effectively.

Don’t forget permission if you want to capture local residents

Never take a photo of a Muslim woman without asking permission first. If you do it without permission, it can make local people feel uncomfortable, unless you are in a crowded location with tourists.

Regarding alcohol consumption in Dubai

In Dubai, alcohol is a legal commodity, but cannot be purchased from stores without a special license. You can find it generally in hotels, cafes, clubs, and restaurants. Well, so make sure you choose the right accommodation if you want a nice evening atmosphere in Dubai.