Choosing mechanical watches don’t have to be expensive

Stereotypes are not always correct. Many argue that with higher number of components and production complexity, mechanical clocks are relatively more expensive than quartz watches. Like Henry Ford, who at that time launched Model T so that more people could own a car, the current production system allows us to have mechanical watches at affordable prices with well-maintained quality control. Of course, there is nothing wrong with choosing a quartz watch that also has its own advantages. Additionally, check out the excellent longine watch as well.


However, for those who for various reasons tend to be more interested in mechanical watches, just starting their collection or just trying, even those who want a cheaper mechanical clock for daily activities, there are a variety of mechanical clock options that can be an option.

When discussing mechanical clocks at affordable prices will not be separated from the discussion about Seiko 5. Seiko 5 itself is a line-up that has existed since long since the emergence of Sportsmatic 5. Seiko 5 was created to target the youth segment in the 60s decade. Therefore, in various aspects, Seiko 5 was made to suit the young.